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Banks School District Board Policies are provided online for your convenience in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). A complete copy of all District Board Policies can be reviewed in the District Office. 

Policies relating to the structure and foundation of the district and the organization, practices, and procedures of the Board.

AB – The People and Their School District
AC – Nondiscrimination 
AC-AR – Discrimination Complaint Procedure
ACA – Americans with Disabilities Act
ACA-AR – Americans with Disabilities Act
ACB – All Students Belong
ACB-AR – Bias Incident Complaint Procedure
AE – District Goals
AF – Commitment to Accomplishment
AGA – Recognition for Accomplishment
BA – Board Operational Goals
BB – Board Legal Status
BBAA – Individual Board Member’s Authority & Responsibilities
BBB – Board Elections
BBB-AR – Board Elections
BBBA – Board Member Qualifications
BBBB – Board Member Oath of Office
BBC – Board Member Resignation
BBD – Board Member Removal from Office
BBE – Vacancies on the Board
BBF – Board Member Standards of Conduct
BBFA – Board Member Ethics & Conflicts of Interest
BBFB – Board Member Ethics & Nepotism
BBFC – Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child
BCA – Board Organizational Meeting
BCB – Board Officers
BCE – Board Committees
BCF – Advisory Committees to the Board
BCG – District’s Attorney
BD/BDA – Board Meetings
BDC – Executive Sessions
BDD – Board Meeting Procedures
BDDA – Notification of Board Meetings
BDDB/BDDC – Board Meeting Agenda
BDDD – Quorum at Board Meetings
BDDE – Rules of Order
BDDF – Voting
BDDG – Minutes of Board Meetings
BDDH – Public Participation at Board Meetings
BDDH-AR – Public Comments at Board Meeting
BF – Development & Adoption
BFCA – Board Review of Administrative Regulations
BFD – Policy Dissemination
BFE – Administration in the Absence of Policy
BFF – Suspension of Policies
BG – Board-Staff Communications
BH/BHA – Orientation of New Board Members
BHB – Board Member Development
BHD – Board Member Compensation & Expense Reimbursement
BK – Evaluation of School Board Operations Procedure

Policies which cover non-instructional programs and services.

EA – Support Services Goals
EA-AR – Contracting Support Services
EB – Safety Program
EBA – Buildings and Grounds Inspection
EBAC – Safety Committee
EBAC-AR – Safety Committee
EBAD – Indoor Air Quality
EBAD-AR – IAQ Management Plan
EBB – Integrated Pest Management
EBBA – First Aid
EBBA-AR – First Aid – Infection Control
EBBAA/GBEBC/JHCCC – Infection Control – HIV; AIDS; HBV
EBBB – Accident/Incident Reports
EBBB-AR – Accident/Incident Reports
EBC/EBCA – Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans
EBCB – Emergency Drills and Instructions
EBCD – Emergency Closures
EC – Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECA – Buildings and Grounds Security
ECAB – Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft
ECAC – Video Surveillance
ECACB – Unmanned Aircraft System a.k.a.Drone
ECD – Traffic and Parking Controls
EDBB – Maintenance Control of Materials:  Pesticides
EDBB-AR – Maintenance Control of Materials:  Pesticides
EDC – Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials
EDC-AR – Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials
EEA – Student Transportation Services
EEAC – School Bus Safety Program
EEACC – Student Conduct on School Buses
EEACC-AR – Discipline Procedures for District-Approved Student Transportation
EEACC-AR-E – Appeal Procedure
EEACCA – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
EEACCA-AR – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
EEACD – Use of District Activity Vehicle for Student Transportation
EEAD – Special Use of School Buses
EEAD-AR – Special Use of School Buses
EEAE – Student Transportation on Private Vehicle
EEAE-AR – Parent/Guardian Permission for Transport of Student by Private Vehicle
EEBAA – District Vehicles/Seat Belts/Child Safety System
EF – Food Service Management
EFA – Local Wellness Program
EFAA – District Nutrition and Food Services
EFAA-AR – Reimbursable School Meals
EGAAA – Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials
EGAB – Mail and Delivery Services
EH – Electronic Data Management
EH-AR – Electronic Data Management
EI – Insurance Management

Board personnel policies divided into three sections:
GB = general personnel policies, GC = licensed staff policies, GD = support staff policies.

GA – Personnel Policies Goals
GAA – Personnel: Descriptions
GB – General Personnel Policies
GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity
GBC – Staff Ethics
GBC-AR – Staff Ethics
GBCA – Staff Dress and Grooming
GBD – Board-Staff Communications
GBDA – Expression of Milk or Breast-feed in the  Workplace
GBEA – Workplace Harassment
GBEA-AR – Workplace Harassment Reporting and Procedure
GBEB – Communicable Diseases – Staff
GBEB-AR – Communicable Diseases – Staff
GBEBA – Staff – HIV, AIDS, and HBV
GBEBC – Infection Control – HIV, AIDS and HBV
GBEC – Drug Free Workplace
GBEDA – Drug and Alcohol Testing – Transportation Personnel
GBG – Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBH – Staff/Student/Parent Relations
GBI – Gifts & Solicitations
GBI-AR = Gifts and Solicitations
GBK/KGC – Prohibited Use, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products and Inhalant Delivery Systems
GBK-AR – Alcohol Testing
GBL – Personnel File
GBLA – Disclosure of Information
GBM – Staff Complaints
GBMA – Whistleblower
GBN/JBA – Sexual Harassment
GBN-AR/JBA-AR(1) – Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
GBN-AR/JBA-AR(2) Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
GBNA – Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing/Cyber-bullying- Staff
GBNA-AR – Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing/Cyber-bullying Complaint Procedure-Staff
GBNAA/JHFF – Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students and Reporting Requirements
​GBNAA/JHFF-AR – Suspected Sexual Conduct Report Procedures and Form
GBNAB/JHFE – Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting Requirements
GBNAB/JHFE-AR(1) – Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child
GBNAB/JHFE-AR(2) – Abuse of a Child Investigations Conducted on District Premises
GC/GD – Staff Positions
GC-AR1 – Job Description: Regular Education Instructional Asst.
GC-AR2 – Job Description: Special Education Instructional Asst.
GC-AR3 – Job Description: Playground Aide Non-instructional Asst.
GC-AR4 – Job Description: Media Asst.
GC-AR5 – Job Description: School Secretary
GC-AR6 – Job Description: Asst. Secretary/HS Athletics
GC-AR7 – Job Description: Coach
GC-AR8 – Job Description: Classroom Teacher
GC-AR8A – Job Description: ELD Teacher
GC-AR8B – Job Description: PE/Health Teacher
GC-AR8C – Job Description: Counselor – Secondary
GC-AR8D – Job Description: Counselor – Middle School/Student Services TOSA
GC-AR8E – Job Description: Ticket Taker
GC-AR9 – Job Description: Substitute Teacher
GC-AR10 – Job Description: Principal
GC-AR10A – Job Description:  Elementary Principal
GC-AR11 – Job Description: Director of Special Education
GC-AR12 – Job Description: Athletic Director
GC-AR13 – Job Description: Physical Activity Aide
GC-AR14 – Job Description:  Technology Assistant
GC-AR15 – Job Description:  Counselor – Elementary School
GC-AR16 – Job Description:  Learning Specialist – Structured Learning Center/Life-skills
GC-AR17 – Job Description:  Literacy Coach
GC-AR18 – Job Description:  Resource Center Teacher
GC-AR19 – Job Description:  Title I Assistant
GC-AR20 – Job Description:  Instructional Assistant
GC-AR21 – Job Description:  Resource Room Assistant
GC-AR22 – Job Description:  Speech Language Pathologist
GC-AR23 – Job Description:  Groundskeeper
GC-AR24 – Job Description:  Music Teacher
GC-AR25 – Job Description:  Kindergarten Readiness Instructional Assistant
GC-AR26 – Job Description:  Media Assistant
GC-AR27 – Job Description:  Family Resource Assistant
GC-AR28 – Job Description:  Playground Assistant
GC-AR29 – Job Description:  Special Education Assistant – Behavior Room Monitor
GC-AR30 – Job Description:  Reading Specialist
GC-AR31 – Job Description:  Teacher- Special Education
GC-AR32 – Job Description:  Maintenance
GC-AR33 – Job Description:  Student Support & Wellness Counselor
GC-AR34 – Job Description:  Student & Family Engagement Manager Instructional Assistant 
GC-AR35 – Job Description:  TOSA – Student Support Specialist
GC-AR36 – Job Description:  TOSA – Dean of Students
GC-AR37 – Job Description:  School Social Worker
GC-AR38 – Job Description:  Education Assistant
GC-AR39 – Job Description:  Student Services Secretary
GC-AR40 – Job Description:  Student Success Counseling Secretary
GC-AR41 – Job Description:  Health Room Assistant
GCA – License Requirements
GCAA – Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators
GCAB  – Personal Electronic Devices & Social Media – Staff
GCB – Compensation & Fringe Benefits
GCBDA/GDBDA – Family Medical Leave
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR1 – Federal Family and Medical Leave/State Family Medical Leave
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR2 – Request for Family & Medical Leave
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR3(a) – Certification of Health Care Provider/Employee’s Serious Health Condition
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR3(b) – Certification of Heath Care Provider/Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR3(c) – Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR3(d) – Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service-member for Military Family Leave
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR4 – FMLA/OFLA Eligibility Notice to Employee
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR5 – Designation Letter to Employee
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR6 – Designation Notice – FMLA/OFLA
GCBDA/GDBDA-AR7 – Fitness for Duty Certification
GCBDAA/GDBDAA-AR1 – COVID 19 Related Leave  Rescinded 12/31/20
GCBDC/GDBDC – Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Stalking Leave
GCBDC/GDBDC-AR – Request for Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Leave
GCBDE/GDBDE – Military Leave of Absence
GCBDF/GDBDF – Oregon Paid Family Medical Leave
GCBF – Break in Service
GCDA/GDDA – Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting
GCDA/GDDA-AR – Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting
GCEC – Job Sharing (Licensed Employees)
GCEC-AR – Job Sharing (Licensed Employees)
GCL/GDL – Staff Development
GCL/GDL-AR – Staff Development – Licensed
GCN/GDN – Evaluation of Staff
GCPA – Layoff – Licensed Staff
GCPB/GDPB – Resignation of Staff
GCPC/GDPC – Retirement of Staff
GCPCA – Retirement Option Benefit for Licensed Staff
GCQBA – Copyrights & Patents
GCQC – Exchange Teaching
GDA – Instructional Assistants
GDD – Support Staff Hiring
GDD-AR  – Hiring Procedure
GDE  – Part-Time and Substitute Support Staff Employment
GDPA – Layoff – Classified Staff

Policies relating to the process of negotiations.

Policies relating to the instructional programs, goals, curriculum, special education, TAG, alternative education, co-curricular/extracurricular activities, assessments and grading/credits.

IA – Instructional Goals
IB – Freedom of Expression
IBDJA – Relations with Home-schooled Students
ID – School Day
IF – Curriculum Development
IF-AR – Curriculum Development
IFA – Curriculum Research
IFCA – 21st Century Schools Councils
IFD – Curriculum Adoption
IFF – Community Curriculum Advisory Committee
IFF-AR  – Community Curriculum Advisory Committee
IG – Curriculum Design
IGAC – Religion and Schools
IGAC-AR – Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
IGAE – Health Education Program
IGAEA – HIV, AIDS, HBV and HCV, Health Education
IGAEB – Health Education:  Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco use Prevention
IGAH – Family Life Education
IGAI – Human Sexuality, AIDS/HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Health Education
IGAJ – Traffic Safety Education
IGAL – Kindergarten Education/Tuition
IGAM – Distance Learning
IGBA – Students with Disabilities- Child Identification Procedures
IGBA-AR – Child Identification Procedures
IGBAB/JO – Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities
IGBAB/JO-AR – Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities
IGBAC – Special Education – Personnel
IGBAE – Special Education – Participation in Regular Education Programs
IGBAE-AR – Special Education – Participation in Regular Education Programs
IGBAF – Special Education – Individualized Education Program (IEP)
IGBAF-AR – Special Education – Individualized Education Program (IEP)
IGBAG – Special Education – Procedural Safeguards
IGBAG-AR – Special Education – Procedural Safeguards
IGBAH – Special Education – Evaluation Procedures
IGBAH-AR – Special Education – Evaluation Procedures
IGBAI – Special Education – Private Schools
IGBAI-AR – Special Education – Private Schools
IGBAJ – Special Education – Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
IGBAJ-AR – Special Education – Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
IGBAK – Special Education – Public Availability of State Application
IGBAL – Special Education – Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities
IGBAL-AR – Special Education – Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities
IGBB – Talented and Gifted Program
IGBBA – Identification – Talented and Gifted
IGBBA-AR – Appeals Procedure for Talented and Gifted Identification and Placement
IGBBB – Identification of Talented and Gifted Students among Non-typical Populations
IGBBC – Talented and Gifted Programs and Services
IGBBC-AR – Complaints Regarding the Talented and Gifted Program
IGBBD – Parent Notification and Participation
IGBC – Title I/Parental Involvement
IGBCA – Parental Involvement
IGBHA – Alternative Education Programs
IGBHA-AR – Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs
IGBHB – Establishment of Alternative Education Programs
IGBHB-AR – Establishment of Alternative Education Programs
IGBHC – Alternative Education Notification
IGBHC-AR – Alternative Education Notification
IGBHD – Program Exemptions
IGBHD-AR – Exemptions from Required Instruction
IGBHE – Expanded Options Program
IGBHE-AR – Expanded Options Program Notification
IGBHE-AR(3) – Expanded Options Program Checklist
IGBI – Second Language
IGCD – Advanced College Placement
IGD – Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities
IGD-AR – Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities
IGD-E – Extracurricular Activities Contract
IGDA – Student Organizations
IGDA-AR – Student Organizations
IGDF – Student Fund-Raising Activities
IGDF-AR – Fund-Raising Activities
IGDG – Student Activity Funds
IGDH – Contests for Students
IGDJ – Interscholastic Athletics
IHGA – Alternative Instructional Programs
IIA – Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials
IIA-AR(1) – Instructional Materials Selection
IIA-AR(2) – Procedures for Handling Instructional Materials Complaints
IIA-AR(3) – Instructional Materials Reconsideration Form
IIABB – Use of Feature Films/Videos
IIABB-AR – Use of Feature Films/Videos in the School
IIBD – District Library/Media Centers
IIBGA – Electronic Communications System
IIBGA-AR – Electronic Communications Network
IIBGA-AR(1) – Electronic Communications – Parent/Student Notification
IICA – Field Trips and Excursions
IICA-AR – Field Trips and Excursions
IICA-AR(1) – Out of State Overnight Trip Request Form
IICA-AR(2) – State Overnight Trip Request Form
IICAA – Senior Trips
IICC – Volunteers
IJ – School Counseling Program
IJ-AR Child Development Specialist Program
IK – Academic Achievement
IKAB – Student Progress Reports to Parents
IKAC – High School Classes/Courses for Banks Middle School Students
IKAC-AR – High School Classes/Courses for Banks Middle School Students
IKAC-AR(1) – High School Classes/Courses for Banks Middle School Students
IKAD – Grade Reduction/Credit Denial
IKB – Homework
IKB-AR – Homework
IKC – Valedictorians/Salutatorians
IKCA – GPA and Weighted GPA (WGPA)
IKE – Student Retention
IKE-AR – Student Retention Procedures
IKF – Graduation Requirements
IKF-AR – Graduation Requirements
IKFA – Early Graduation
IKFB – Graduation Exercises
IKFBA – Honors Diploma
IKFBA-AR – Honors Diploma
IL – Assessment Program
ILBA – Assessment Exemption
ILBA-AR – Assessment Exemption
IM – Instructional Program Renewal
IM-AR – District Improvement Program Planning
IMB – Student Achievement Program
IMB-AR – Student Achievement Program
INB – Controversial Issues
INB-AR – Controversial Issues
INDB – Flag Displays and Salutes
ING – Animals in the School
ING-AR – Animals in the School
INI – Animal Dissection

Policies dealing with admission, attendance, conduct and discipline, and other student matters. Most policies dealing with student activities, however, and found in Section I.

JB – Equal Educational Opportunity
JBA/GBN – Sexual Harassment
JBA/GBN-AR(1) – Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
JBA/GBN-AR(2) – Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
JBB- Educational Equity
JB-E – Civil Rights Complaint Procedure
JBAA – Section 504-Students
JEA – Compulsory Attendance
JEA-AR – Compulsory Attendance Notices and Citations
JEAA – Attendance – Seniors
JEAA-AR – Attendance/Grading Committee – Seniors
JEBA – Early Entrance
JEBA-AR – Early Entrance Age
JEC – Admissions
JECA – Admission of Resident Students
JECAA – Admission of Part-Time Private School Students
JECAA-AR – Admission of Part-Time Private School Students
JECAC/GBH – Staff/Student/Parent Relations
JECB – Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-AR(1) – Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-AR(2) – Consent Agreement Regarding/Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-AR(4) – Request for Nonresident Student Admission Inter-district Transfer
JECBA – Admission of Exchange Students
JECBA-AR – Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
JECBD – Homeless Students
JECBD-AR – Homeless Students
JECDA – Transcript Evaluation
JECDA-AR – Placement of Transfer Students
JECF – Inter-district Transfer of Resident Students
JECF-AR – Inter-district Transfer of Resident Students
JED – Student Absences and Excuses
JEDA – Truancy
JED-AR – Student Absences and Excuses
JEDB – Student Dismissal Precautions
JF/JFA – Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFB – Student Involvement in Decision Making
JFC – Student Conduct
JFC-AR – Student Code of Conduct
JFCE/JFCEA – Secret Societies/Gang Activity
JFCE/JFCEA-AR – Secret Societies/Gang Activity
JFCEB – Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media
JFCEB-AR – Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media
JFCF – Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing/Cyber-bullying/Teen Dating Violence/Domestic Violence – Student
JFCF-AR – Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bullying/Cyber-bullying Complaint Procedures – Student
JFCFA/GBNAA – Cyber-bullying
JFCG/JFCH/JFCI – Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs or Inhalant Deliver Systems
JFCG-AR – Discipline for Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products or Inhalant Delivery Systems
JFCI-AR – Chemical Abuse/Awareness
JFCJ – Weapons in the School
JFCM – Threats of Violence
JFE – Pregnant and Parenting Students
JFG – Student Searches
JFG-AR – Student Searches
JFH – Student Complaints
JG – Student Discipline
JGA – Corporal Punishment
JGAB – Use of Restraint and Seclusion
JGAB-AR – Use of Restraint and Seclusion
JGB – Detention of Students
JGD – Suspension
JGDA – Discipline of Disabled Students
JGDA-AR – Discipline of Disabled Students
JGE – Expulsion
JGEA – Alternative Educational Programs
JHC – Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCA/JHCB – Immunization, Physical Examination, Vision Screening/Eye Examination and Dental Screening
JHCC – Communicable Diseases
JHCC-AR – Communicable Diseases
JHCCA – Students – HIV and HBV
JHCCC/EBBAA/GBEBC – Infection Control – HIV, AIDS, HBV
JHCCF – Pediculosis
JHCCF-AR – Pediculosis
JHCD/JHCDA – Medication
JHCD/JHCDA-AR – Medication
JHF – Student Safety
JHFA – Supervision of Students
JHFE/GBNAB – Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting Requirements
JHFE/GBNAB-AR1 – Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child
​JHFE/GBNAB-AR2 – Abuse of a Child Investigation Conducted on District Premises
JHFE-E – Child Abuse/Neglect Referral
JHFF/GBNAA – Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students
JHFF/GBNAA-AR – Suspected Sexual Conduct Report Procedures and Forms
JHFF-E – Sexual Conduct Complaint Form
JHH – Suicide Awareness and Prevention
JHH-AR – Suicide Awareness and Prevention
JI – Student Recognition and Awards
JN – Student Fees, Fines and Charges
JNA – Tuitioning of Students
JNA-AR – Tuitioning of Students
JO/IGBAB – Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities
JO/IGBAB-AR – Education Records/Records of Students with Disabilities Management
JOA – Directory Information
JOB – Personally Identifiable Information
JOC – Legal Names of Students

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