Board Policies

Banks School District Board Policies are provided online for your convenience in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). A complete copy of all District Board Policies can be reviewed in the District Office. Please call us at 503.324.8591 if you have questions about these policies.

Section A/B - Board Governance
Policies relating to the structure and foundation of the district and the organization, practices, and procedures of the Board.
Section C - Administration
Policies pertaining to the management of the district, the administrative structure, the superintendent and policy implementation.
Section D - Fiscal Management
Policies that cover the management of district funds.
Section E - Support Services
Policies which cover noninstructional programs and services.
Section F - Facilities
Policies covering construction, remodeling and long-range planning.
Section G - Personnel
Board personnel policies divided into three sections: GB = general personnel policies, GC = licensed staff policies, GD = support staff policies.
Section H - Negotiations
Policies relating to the process of negotiations.
Section I - Instruction
Policies relating to the instructional programs, goals, curriculum, special education, TAG, alternative education, cocurricular/extracurricular activities, assessments and grading/credits.
Section J - Students
Policies dealing with admission, attendance, conduct and discipline, and other student matters. Most policies dealing with student activities, however, and found in Section I.
Section K/L - Community Relations
Policies relating to relations with the general public, community organizations, public agencies and other educational organizations.