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 Welcome to Banks Middle School!

We believe Banks Middle School is a special place where students have the opportunity to work toward high academic and personal goals with the support of staff, parents and volunteers!  We are especially excited to welcome 6th grade to our school this year!    

I find it a privilege to partner with you through this exciting, challenging and wonderful age. Our goal as a staff is to promote a productive learning environment where academics are engaging and rigorous, and students are taught the skills they need to be safe, responsible and respectful citizens.  Further, it is our goal to:

  1. Encourage students to respect each other’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and to encourage one another toward excellence
  2. Develop positive decision making, organization and independent study skills
  3. Stimulate a career awareness
  4. Inspire a passion for academic excellence
  5. Prepare students for success in High School and beyond

 I ask you as parents and guardians to partner with the staff at Banks Middle School to make this an incredible school year for your child!  


Shelley Mitchell
Principal, Banks Middle School 


Banks School District

Banks Middle School
12850 NW Main Street
Banks, Oregon 97106
Phone: 503.324.3111
Fax: 503.324.7441

Our focus is to ensure every student reaches his or her potential both academically and behaviorally.


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