School Board

Meeting Time and Location

Regular School Board meetings are scheduled on the second Monday of each month.  The work session begins at 5:30 and the board meeting follows at 7:00 p.m. in the District Board room. All board meetings, except executive sessions, are open to the public. The Board invites district citizens to attend meetings and share their ideas and opinions.



During regular Board meetings, members of the public are specifically invited to present their views in the "Audience Comments" section of the agenda. If members of the public wish to address an item that already is on the agenda, they may do so when the item comes up for discussion by the Board.


The Board chairperson will invite members of the public to speak during the meeting. Any person who is invited to speak should:

  • State his/her name and address, and the topic to be addressed.
  • If representing an organization or group, the speaker should identify it. A spokesperson should be designated to speak for a group of people who come before the Board with a common purpose.
  • Written material for the Board should be given to the Board secretary for distribution.
  • The Board requests that patrons limit their comments to three minutes.
  • The Board often does not respond to patron comments on the spot. This allows the Board additional time to research and reflect on particular issues. 

Criticism of Staff Members

Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations and programs, but the Board will not hear complaints concerning individual district personnel. The chairperson will direct the visitor to appropriate means for Board consideration.

Banks School District Board of Directors

Position 1
Norie Dimeo-Ediger
K-12 Program Manager, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Elected 2009, Term expires June 30, 2017

Position 2
Raymond Mott 
Business Owner
Elected 2013, Term expires June 30, 2017

Position 3
Laurie Schlegel - Vice Chair
Appointed 2009, Term expires June 30, 2015

Position 4
Ron Frame
Corbin Consulting Engineers
Appointed 2013, Term expires June 30, 2015

Position 5
Kathy Edison - Chair
Administrative Assistant
Elected 2007, Term expires June 30, 2015